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Ramadan 2021 Hifdh League

About the competition:

This Ramadan, we’re launching an exciting and fast paced Quran Competition. The Ramadan 2021 Hifdh league competition will make hifdh revision fun, increase motivation and connect kids with the Quran during the month of Ramadan. 

The Hifdh League will bring a unique Quran learning experience for kids as they compete with other players from across the globe. Players will complete a series of hifdh quizzes each week and points are awarded to players according to how fast they answer the questions. Players will be able to view the leader board to see who is at the top at the end of each game. This will motivate kids to revise and try to take the lead the following week.

The quizzes will be completed on the Kahoot App and each player will have 2 days to answer the questions once the quiz goes live. Players can complete each quiz at their own pace.

The competition is free and open to children worldwide.

How to enter

Register your child for one of the following categories:
Category 1: 7-10 Years Old (Surah Nas – Balad)
Category 2: 11-15 Years Old (Nas to Naba)

Competition stages:

The competition will have 4 rounds and contestants will complete 2 hifdh quizzes in each round.


The deadline to register your child is 5th April 2021 6pm UK time. However, there are limited spaces, and we may close the registration early if spaces are filled.


Prizes and E-certificates will be awarded to first and second place winners of each category.


Make sure to follow @quranplan on Instagram and Facebook for event updates.

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