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Wahid Quran Game (LOW STOCK)

5.00 out of 5


  • A great Quran game to play with family and friends
  • Be the first to get rid of all your cards.
  • Match by colour or surah name.
  • Use an action card to get an edge over your opponent.
  • Perfect for Quran revision (Juz Amma)
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Quran Revision Games for your Kids

Wahid is a fun, fast-paced Juz Amma Quran game designed to help kids with their Quran revision. Players race to get rid of all their cards by matching surah or actions cards by colour. Players recite the surahs correctly to avoid drawing extra cards. There are 64 Surah cards (16 red, 16 blue, 16 yellow and 16 green) and 36 action cards (8 draw 1, 8 draw 3, 8 skip cards, 4 replay card, 6 switch cards and 2 double cards).
This is a great Quran game that can be played both at home and at Islamic schools/Madrasahs to help children revise Juz Amma in a fun and engaging manner.

Product details:

Recommended age: 7+
Contents: 100 cards
Material: Cardstock
Surahs: Dhuha to Naba
Number of Players: 2-4
Box Dimensions: 10X7x3.5cm
Weight: 200g

SAFETY WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Product meets CE and UKCA safety and quality standards.

13 reviews for Wahid Quran Game (LOW STOCK)

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  1. Umm Muhammed

    We need more games like this

    MashaAllah this makes getting the kids to review their juz very easy alhamdulillah. They are constantly battling each other in the game to see who will win and who is best hafidh/hafidha. Allah reward everyone involved in the production of the game. We need more games like this for our children, InshaAllah

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    Image #1 from Umm Muhammed
  2. Mohammad

    Amazing little game!

    Amazing little game-very easy to understand and makes learning the Quran and memorising fun. May Allah SWA reward the creators for such a lovely idea!

  3. Sabrina Azhar

    The best gift for a student of the Qur'an..

    The best gift for a student of the Qur’an..
    The Amma Juzz ‘Wahid’ Card Game is a brand-new “Islamic entertainment designed to motivate, inspire and educate young children to keep connected with the Qur’an.

    Bright, colourful, and designed to promote confidence through memorizing and playing, the Wahid game is a must for all Muslim households..

    It’s definitely fun, benefiting and rewarding too.. If you love UNO, you will undoubtedly love this more!!

    May Allah bless the team and grant them success in both worlds!! Jazakallah Khair @Quranplan

  4. Aisha

    My daughter loves this game!

    My daughter absolutely loves this game! At the end of every game, she asks to play it again and again. She loves matching the colours and reciting the surah.

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    Image #1 from Aisha
  5. Umm Aydarus

    Fantastic game!

    Masha’Allah what a fantastic game! What a great way to get kids to do Quran revision without even realising it. Highly recommend this game.

  6. Maryam Ahmed

    Wahid is a fun game to play as a family. It encourages the family to play together whilst motivating the children with the thought of winning causing them to focus on reading the Quran but in a fun and relaxed environment.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    its like playing UNO card but with this we can revise our memorisation

  8. Erum

    The children loved it.

    This is an amazing game to keep children engaged in their learning. The children loved it.

  9. Aasiya

    Modern approach to making learning exciting

    The card game is a modern approach to making learning exciting and a great way of getting the full family involved.

  10. Amarah

    Unique and fast paced game

    We found this game to be very unique and fast paced, building hype and competition especially in our teenagers. We found it much easier to review larger sections in a single lesson than would be covered in a few weeks!

  11. Ayan

    We had the opportunity to try this game and really enjoyed it. The game is easy to play and helps so much with Quran review. My boys are very competitive and enjoyed the pace of the game. If you’re looking for a fun way to review Juzz Ammah, give this game a try.

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    Image #1 from Ayan
  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really good game to revise juz 30

  13. Sadia Mohamed (verified owner)

    Fun, exciting and educational card game to play and learn Qur’an

    I’m happy with the card game I bought and the company I got it from. I wanted a good educational card game for my kids to learn their Juz Ammah, and the Quran Plan Team recommended one that ticked all the boxes. Speaking with the customer service team helped me get exactly what I was looking for.

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