Our Ramadan Activities -

This Ramadan, what if your kids opened the Quran and discovered amazing facts?

What if they fell in love with the Quran?

Our Ramadan Quran Activities pack is designed to help kids really build a connection with the Quran. Kids can explore and discover amazing facts about the Quran whilst doing fun and engaging activities.

There are challenges, puzzles, quizzes, stories, colouring, competitions and much more!

Ramadan is the month of the Quran and with these activities, we hope to bring families closer together through the Quran.

What’s included in Ramadan Quran Activities?

Our Ramadan Quran Activities pack contain a lot of fun and engaging activities for kids. This is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

We want to help families connect with the Quran this year so we created a range of activities including family challenges, quizzes, games, colouring and so much more! Whilst doing these activities, kids will also learn lots of fun facts about the Quran.

Some activities and games are for the whole family to complete together. For some of the activities, we have created two variations, a more challenging activity for older kids and an easier one for younger kids.

There will also be a competition during the month of Ramadan which  is exclusive to our subscribers. Details of the competition will be sent by email.

When will I receive the activities?

We will email one activity for each day of Ramadan.  This is so that families can have an activity to do each day that will be related to the Quran. We want kids to build a positive connection with the Quran by doing engaging activities on a daily basis.

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