Give young learners a fun way to revise the short surahs in Juz Amma from surah Nas to surah ‘Asr. This board game encourages players to race each other by completing the challenges along the way such as reading a surah. This game is ideal for small groups and the best part is… there’s no preparation needed. Simply print the board game and just grab a counter for each player and you’re all set.

This game is ideal for parents to use at home and is also great for teachers to use in the classroom. Recommended age for this game is 5+ but younger children can play the game with guidance and supervision if they have memorised all the surahs on the board game.

In this pack, you will find:

  • Detailed instructions for the game
  • Additional notes and for parents and teachers
  • The board game
  • 10 number cards. Players will select a number at random which determines the number of places they can move on the board game so you do not need a dice for this game.


Please note that although these games are designed to aid children with their Quran revision, they should not be used to replace structured daily revision. Children should be encouraged to revise the Quran on a daily basis and an effective and structured revision plan should be created so that children can strengthen their memorisation.

This is a digital product.

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