Making Quran learning fun and engaging for kids

Creating Memorable Quran Journeys

Quran Plan is an initiative with one vision: to make Quran learning fun and engaging for kids. We believe that every child’s Quran journey should be a positive and memorable one. This is why we have developed unique and innovative games and activities in order to nurture a love of the Quran from a young age. Since our launch in March 2020, our games, activities and International competitions have attracted kids from over 60 countries worldwide! Join us on this journey and create a unique Quran learning experience for your child!

fun and engaging Quran learning activities for kids

World’s First Quran Revision Games

Our games have been designed to help children maintain their hifdh in a fun and engaging manner.

Online Quran Competitions and Events

We host online Quran games and International Quran competitions that bring together kids from all over the world and connect them with the Quran.

Popular Quran

Alhamdulilah our resources have helped thousands of people worldwide. We have had many positive feedback from parents around the world.

A Unique Learning Experience

The Quran offers so much more than just memorising its words. We want to inspire kids to love the Quran and to live by it. With our unique Quran games, kids can not only strengthen their memorisation, but they can also build a connection with.

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